DC All Access - This Week in #DCTV: Lazarus Pits on Arrow + Shape Shifter Hits The Flash

Gotham has an Ogre problem, the Flash unlocks the truth about Harrison Wells, Liv eats some sketchy brains and a certain Arrow character goes swimming in a Lazarus Pit. Yes, it's another awesome week of #DCTV, and Rotten Tomatoes Editor-in-Chief Matt Atchity is here to break down each exciting episode with DC All Access!

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DC All Access - Flash Villain or Cupcake Flavor?

If you want to survive in Central City, it really helps to know your Flash villains from your cupcake flavors. (Trust us, you really don't want to mix those two up.) So to help, DC All Access has assembled this little video quiz to ensure you don't mix up your treats and threats. Is it a piece of cake? You tell us!

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The Flash - "Who is Harrison Wells?" Preview

"This is impossible!" Episode 19 of The Flash, "Who is Harrison Wells?," airs on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 on The CW.

Arrow & The Flash - Three Minute Fight Club

We don't talk about the club, but we suspect you'll be buzzing about this amazing new promo for The CW's Arrow and The Flash, featuring characters from both shows. So who will win in a fight? You're about to find out!

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DC All Access - This Week in #DCTV: Gotham Returns and the Flash and the Atom Join Forces

Gotham's back after its way-too-long hiatus, Ray Palmer is teaming up with the Flash, Liv Moore is cuddling up with a fellow zombie and Roy... Well, don't get us going on what Roy Harper is doing! Yes, it's a full week of brand new #DCTV, and DC All Access has your Monday roundup. Tiffany and special guest Matt Atchity from Rotten Tomatoes discuss this week's exciting new episodes, including which well meaning character's questionable tactics has made him our Bad Apple of the Week.

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