Meet the Music Meister: A Real Villain of Note

You might think you've encountered maestros of villainy before, but no one conducts a sinister symphony like the Music Meister. The callous crooner is set to appear in The Flash and Supergirl musical crossover, so it's a pitch perfect time to learn all about the rogue. And I promise I'll (mostly) stop with the alliteration, and I won't torture you by attempting to pen a ballad about the Music Meister's past.

The Flash: QuickWest 4Eva

Let’s start out talking about tonight’s episode, “Into the Speed Force” by addressing a bunch of Jesse Quick stuff! It sure seems like Jesse Wells takes a lot of crap from the men in this episode. Barry benches Jesse right at the beginning of the episode instead of having her help him locate Wally, who has been lost in the Speed Force. On top of that, HR insinuates—in so many words—that Jesse is not as capable a speedster as the Flash.

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Titans: Whatever Happened to Wally West?

Full disclosure before I get started: I love the Teen Titans and all of their extensions beyond reason. The first comic book I ever bought on my own with my own money (okay, it was a quarter from my father), was THE NEW TEEN TITANS #39.

The Flash: Barry Allen and the Philosopher's Stone

With the casting of Tom Felton as Julian Albert and the inclusion of the Philosopher’s Stone in this season of The Flash, it has been difficult to escape the Harry Potter comparisons that come to mind every time the Stone plays an important plot point.

The Flash: We Need to Talk About Grodd

Gorilla Grodd has been the monkey on Barry Allen’s back for three seasons now and in tonight’s episode, “Attack on Central City,” he really ups the ante to a whole new level. It’s, frankly, just really impressive that he was able to muster up an army and get them all the way over to Earth-1 from Earth-2, keep them organized and send them all against Team Flash.

The Flash: Greetings from Gorilla City

Gorilla Grodd has not only been a longstanding staple of the Flash’s comic book mythology—he first appeared in THE FLASH #106 in May 1959—but is also an important staple of The Flash television show, having appeared once a year since the first season. In tonight’s episode, “Attack on Gorilla City,” we finally get to see where Grodd went at the end of last season—Gorilla City on Earth-2!

The Flash: Phasing and Other Speed Force Powers

In tonight’s episode of The Flash we get a lot more Kid Flash goodness! If you’ve been following these series of editorials, you know that I absolutely love Wally West, so the events of “Untouchable” have definitely given me a lot to write about. He’s been training with Barry this season and improving at a much quicker rate than his predecessor, but has been tripping up on a classic Flash trick—phasing.

The Flash: Let's Talk About Gypsy

This season on The Flash, we are getting a lot of great development of characters that are not Barry Allen. It has been a ton of fun seeing characters like Caitlin Snow (and her alter-ego Killer Frost), come into their own. In tonight’s episode, “Dead or Alive,” there was a heavy focus on Cisco finally coming to an equilibrium with his Vibe powers and stepping up to protect HR from being taken back to Earth-19 by a bounty hunter named…Gypsy!

Yes, she does wear a costume inspired by the traditional gypsy dress that you are imagining in your mind right now.


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