Harley Quinn's Five Secrets to a Healthy Relationship

We don’t have the secret to lasting romance, but fortunately, Harley Quinn does. In fact, she has five of them. Fresh off her date with Bruce Wayne in the pages of the HARLEY QUINN VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL #1, Dr. Quinzel’s here to share the love… or whatever it is that passes for it these days.

Super-Awesome Valentine's Day Cards!

Who doesn’t love getting a Valentines Day card? We’ve made it better by putting a super hero twist to theValentine giving tradition! You’ll stand out when you hand these out at school or work or just about wherever! And ONLY at Fan Family can you get the 3 bonus Valentines you see pictured above!

Who are DC Comics' Most Dateable Super Heroes?

They’re strong, intelligent, good-natured and kind. They believe in helping others and they possess a strong desire to always do what’s right. They’re well traveled, and have been exposed to a variety of cultures and ways of life—some of them extraterrestrial!


When you really think about it, super heroes are some of the most eligible singles out there. But which one rules the roost? If you could date a DC super hero, which one would it be? We’re giving fans a chance to choose DC’s most dateable male and female super hero in a special Valentine’s Day poll.


5.2 Reasons to Celebrate Valentine's Day with DC Entertainment

Every year on February 14, the world gets high on love—breathing in deeply that sweet, rosy and chocolately Valentine’s Day smell that hangs over couples like a storm cloud filled to the brim with candied hearts and rainbows. Love, that many splendored thing, is all around us. You can feel it in your brain. You can feel it in your heart. And you can certainly feel it in your wallet. ::dun dun chh::


So You Want to Date a Super Hero

Ah Valentine’s Day. That time of year where love saturates the air like cheap air freshener in a dorm the day of a parental visit. You literally can’t escape it. No matter how hard you try. It’s everywhere. Every. Where.


In the spirit of this wonderful love-filled holiday (and in the midst of our lonely nights eating ice cream on the couch while watching back-to-back marathons of Justice League Unlimited and Love Connection) our cookie-dough addled brains began to wonder: what would it be like to date in the DC Universe?


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