This Just Happened: The Comedian Gets His Pin

The S shield. The bat symbol. A Green Lantern’s ring. All of these iconic stamps symbolize who the characters they belong to are and what they represent.


Fans of the original WATCHMEN are more than familiar with the classic smiley-face pin that belongs to the infamous Comedian. Who could forget the iconic spattering of the character’s blood across the pin in the book’s opening scene?


But how did the Comedian get this smiley pin? What’s the sentimental value it holds that causes him to keep it on him at all times?


WATCHMEN Original Issues #1-12 Available for Download Now

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DC Collectibles Reveals New Products During C2E2 Panel

During a C2E2 panel today moderated by Geoff Johns, DC Collectibles revealed an exciting line-up of new products, including a new Dr. Manhattan BEFORE WATCHMEN statue, an all-new We Can Be Heroes 7-pack action figure set featuring the DC Comics – The New 52 action figures, and variant busts from The Dark Knight Rises product line.


Watchmen: Under the Hood (2009)

Who's watching the watchmen?A tale layered within the complex story of (Watchmen) comes to the screen in Watchmen: Under The Hood. In this exciting feature taken from the pages of the ground-breaking graphic novel, Nite Owl's powerful account of how the hooded adventurers came into existence is revealed.The question is not only Who's watching the Watchmen, but What are the Watchmen reading?

Carla Gugino
Matt Frewer
Stephen McHattie
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Eric Matthies
Hans Rodionoff
Eric Matthies
Wesley Coller
Science Fiction


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