Tuesday Roundup: March 26th

If you’re a Batman fan, many of you comic book conversations this past month have likely revolved around the death of Damian Wayne. While we’ve been given glimpses of how the bat family is dealing with the death of the current Robin (or not dealing with it), we haven’t yet heard anything further from the writer or title responsible for the shocking turn of events. Not until now, at least. This Wednesday sees the release of BATMAN, INCORPORATED #9, the first issue of Batman, Incorporated since Damian’s death.

Tuesday Roundup: March 19th

This week, we say farewell to one old friend while saying hello to another. Since the launch of DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 in 2011, Grant Morrison has redefined the early days of the Man of Steel in the pages of Action Comics with a series of stories that have been both intelligent and action-heavy.

Tuesday Roundup: March 12th

Many fans have been taking the death of young Damian Wayne hard, and for good reason. Since his introduction, Damian struggled against his violent and dangerous tendencies to become a force for good in the war against crime in Gotham. Even more important, he had embraced his role within the Wayne family, building relationships not just with his father, but other extended members such as Alfred, Dick, Barbara and Tim.

Tuesday Roundup: March 5th

People are still talking about the aftermath of last week’s BATMAN, INCORPORATED #8, and we can certainly understand why. But if you were expecting an emotional breather after that shocking turn of events, think again. Last month marked the conclusion of the crossover storyline, “Rotworld,” but that doesn’t mean the story’s over. In this week’s ANIMAL MAN #18 and SWAMP THING #18 (which also serves as Scott Snyder’s final issue as series writer), we discover the heartbreaking fallout from Anton Arcane’s attack on the living world.

Tuesday Roundup: February 26th

It’s shaping up to be one rough week for members of the Bat-family. After their absolutely brutal run-in with the Joker in “Death of the Family,” they now have to contend with, well, a death in the family. If you’ve read yesterday’s New York Post article, you know what we’re referring to. If you don’t, and you want to find out, the link to the article and this week’s preview of BATMAN, INCORPORATED #8 is right down below.

Tuesday Roundup: February 5th

Figures that Rotworld would hit right before Valentine’s Day. It’s the one day of the year where your honey is pretty much guaranteed to be in the mood for some snuggling, and yet there’s a fairly good chance (if the pages of Animal Man and Swamp Thing are to be believed) that he or she may develop a case of the worst acne in history while beginning to overemphasize any s-sounds. Sssssound familiar?


Tuesday Roundup: January 22nd

DC comic book readers are one diverse crew. While they may all share a common passion for our books and for comics in general, beyond that tastes can vary wildly. However, no matter what shade of DC reader you may be, this week surely has something you can sink your teeth into. (Though hopefully not literally. That’s not the sort of “taste” we’re talking about here.)



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