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Who are The Elite? We’re uncovering this group of super-powered crusaders member by member and bit by bit…and we need your help!


Come help complete The Elite Revealed, a weekly community Facebook puzzle, and learn more about the upcoming DC Comics Premiere Movie, Superman vs. The Elite, by unlocking behind-the-scenes clips and exclusive content. Superman vs. The Elite will be flying into stores June 12th on Blu-ray and DVD.


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Superman vs. The Elite (2012)

The Man Of Steel comes face-to-face with powerful villains, daunting rivals and a society more interested in retribution than justice when a new, less-ethical breed of super hero arrives in Metropolis. Superman's effectiveness as a super hero comes into question when a new group of super powerful crusaders, known as “The Elite,” appear on the scene. As super heroes, The Elite know no bounds, and are more than willing to kill, even on a massive scale, to stop villainy -- putting them on a collision course with the ever-ethical and decidedly non-lethal Man Of Steel.

George Newbern
Pauley Perrette
Robin Atkin Downes
Michael Chang
Joe Kelly
Sam Register
Bruce Timm
Alan Burnett
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