The Flash Vol. 2 Races Through the Dark

THE FLASH VOL. 2: SPEED OF DARKNESS deals a lot with the aftermath of what writer Joshua Williamson laid down in volume one. Godspeed (a.k.a. August), has had a big effect on Barry Allen, Iris West and Wally West. Not only did the three of them all lose people they had a connection with in their civilian identities, but in their professional capacities they are all equally as affected—albeit pretty differently.

Preview Monday: The Flash #20!

In this week’s issue of THE FLASH #20, the bodies of Godspeed’s victims are disappearing. Iris West, with the help of Barry Allen, investigates the reason behind these disappearances.

Iris ends up at the Speed Force Training Center where she runs into Black Hole scientists. As she goes deeper, Iris discovers more about the missing bodies. But what else does she uncover? Find out more in this week’s issue of THE FLASH #20 from writer Joshua Williamson and artists Neil Googe, Ivan lascencia, and Steve Wands. 


LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT 100-PAGE SUPER SPECTACULAR #1 is Gotham-noir at its best. In “Without Sin”, a flip of a coin and a trip to the confessional leads Harvey Dent to become the prime suspect in a grisly murder. The disfigured body of a priest dumped at a Gotham City demolition site has all the markings of Two-Face, but Dent knows his dark side better than anyone. And Dent isn’t afraid to kill just to defend his innocence. Always the detective, Batman digs deep into city corruption, anonymous donors, and the cryptic clues that the church refuses to help him decipher.

New National Comics Series to Debut in July


NATIONAL COMICS, a new print comic series, will debut this July and feature a series of stand-alone stories built around some of DC Comics most intriguing characters.  The first four key characters that comprise NATIONAL COMICS include ETERNITY, MADAME X, ROSE AND THORN, and LOOKER.  Each character will have a stand-alone issue.

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