The Injustice Justice League Sale

The upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us video game, which releases on April 16, pits the world’s greatest heroes and villains against one another in a face-punching, scenery-smashing brawl across the streets, rooftops and hidden Batcaves of the DC Universe. From Superman and Batman to Black Adam and SHAZAM! all the way to Catwoman and Doomsday, there’s no end to the pugilistic possibilities in this super hero smackdown.

DC Digital Comics: Celebrating Black History Month

From the honor and strength of John Stewart, to the pure techno power of Cyborg, to the energy and humor of Static Shock, DC’s African-American heroes have become both inspirations and favorites of DC fans the world over. John Stewart first joined the Green Lantern Corps in the 1970s and remains the definitive Green Lantern to a generation of fans who grew up with the Justice League animated series. Cyborg has overcome great injury and physical change and now fights alongside Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in the Justice League.

The #1 Issues Sale

New York Comic-Con kicks off today, with the opening of the door at the Jacob Javits Center and the roar of thousands of fans as they pour in wide-eyed and in awe at the sheer amount of comic greatness. It’s a wonderful time for all fans, as amazing announcements are made (stay tuned to for our Con Away from Con Coverage!) and creators meet, greet, sign and sometimes even sketch for attendees.


The Green Arrow 101 Sale

Oliver Queen’s path from spoiled billionaire to heroic, emerald-hued vigilante fighting for the common man is filled with the struggle for survival, a life-changing lesson in personal responsibility, and too many arrows to count.


The Nightwing 101 Sale

From the Batmobile and the utility belt to the Batcave and beating the ever-living tar out of criminals, certain things are essential aspects of the Bat-Mythos—and without question, one of those key pieces to the Batman puzzle is the Dark Knight's high-flying sidekick, Robin.


The Batman 201 Sale

Previously, DC Digital held the BATMAN 101 Sale, giving Bat-fans and newcomers alike access to 101 Batman comics at a special discounted price. The sale provided new readers with a starting point to learn more about the Dark Knight while showcasing classic tales longtime fans might have missed.


Now prepare for the BATMAN 201 Sale where fans can delve deeper into the world of the Caped Crusader in preparation for the highly anticipated release of the final chapter in director Christopher Nolan’s Batman epic, “The Dark Knight Rises!”


The Mad Mind of Grant Morrison Sale

Enter the mind of one of comics' most influential creators with the Mad Mind of Grant Morrison Sale.


All this week, DC Comics Digital is holding a special sale of some of the superstar writer's most seminal works. From his career-launching early days on ANIMAL MAN, where Buddy Baker literally meets his maker; the groundbreaking return of the Big Seven in JLA; the Eisner Award-winning adventures of ALL-STAR SUPERMAN; the genre-bending antics of SEAGUY; his character-defining run on BATMAN; and much more—all available for digital download!



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