Wonder Woman 75: Jessie Graff on Heroes, Ninjas and Finally Getting to Fly

As the premiere female super hero, Wonder Woman has inspired people all throughout the world. But she’s not the only one. With Wonder Woman’s 75th Anniversary now upon us, the time seemed perfect to celebrate Diana through a series of exclusive interviews that highlight a few of the amazing real-life women who have also inspired us. Whether it’s in action or words, we all have the capability for greatness. These are a few women who have achieved it.

Jessie Graff's Wonder Woman Playlist

With her greatly enhanced strength and remarkable dexterity, it’s hard to think of someone outside the world of comics who’s able to do the things that Wonder Woman does. Except for maybe Jessie Graff, the amazing stuntwoman and martial artist who made a splash when she became the first woman to qualify for the city finals on American Ninja Warrior (wearing a Wonder Woman-esque suit, no less!)

Ninja Fans – Don’t Miss G4’s American Ninja Warrior in DC Comics

You may have noticed a cool promo for G4’s American Ninja Warrior in recent issues of your favorite DC Comics. The new comic strip series brings ninjas to the worlds of Gotham and Themyscira, and is part of the build up to the show’s season premiere this Sunday (May 20) only on G4. From writer B Clay Moore,  artist Mike Bowden and colorist Rex Lokus, the comic strip features Mike Cartwright, a rookie cop in the Gotham City police squad.

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