5.2 Reasons We Love Our Fans

Before we say anything else, we want to extend a warm Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers out there! We hope your day is filled with delicious turkey, tofurkey, turducken, deep-fried goodness, cranberry sauce, gooey gravy, mashed potatoes... sensational stuffing... candied yams, pumpkin pie... Sweet Mary Marvel, we're hungry... Uh, what were we talking about?


5.2 Reasons We’re Addicted to Our Super-Heroines

BATGIRL #14 hit comic shops this week, and reading that issue reminded us of exactly how strong Barbara Gordon is—both in the physical sense (we'd last about three seconds doing what she does, as that's probably how long it would take for us to fall over and curl into the fetal position) and in the sense of being just a fantastic, all-around-amazing example of a great, well-written female character.


5.2 Reasons Jeff Lemire Rocks

There's a lot of things we love, like comic books and toys and ice cream and cookies and naptime. We share a lot of similar interests with children, apparently. But we also love our creators. No, we’re not referring to our literal creators. We’re not talking about the people who built us. Which isn’t to suggest that we're super intelligent robots slowly bidding our time before the inevitable robot uprising or anything like that...




5.2 Reasons Superman is a Threat

All this month on DCComics.com we're letting the more menacing and malevolent members of the DC Universe take over the site—from a villain-centric sweepstakes, to new character pages for some of the biggest and baddest, to a soon-to-be-unveiled sinister new skin, a villainous personality quiz and more.


5.2 Reasons to Look Forward to the First Season of Arrow

Last night, the first episode of Arrow premiered on The CW—and whether you’re a comic book fan or simply an interested newcomer, we hope you found it as entertaining as we did. However, if you happen to be a fan of comics and a fan of Green Arrow in specific, you likely found yourself jumping on top of your coffee table and shouting “Bulls-eye!” as soon as the episode ended. (Or maybe that was just us. Note to self: Ikea coffee tables are not built to support the weight of excited fanboys.)


5.2 Reasons We Love DC Nation

This Saturday at 10 am on Cartoon Network, the DC Nation block of animated programs launches into all new episodes of Young Justice: Invasion and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Of course, the icing on this animated cake of awesomeness is that we’ll also get brand-new installments of DC Nation shorts. That’s right. More Mad Presents... That's What Super Friends Are For! More The Batman of Shanghai!



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