Ask DC Collectibles: Quality Control, Sculpting Actors, New Products and More!

A week ago, when we first announced that we had hit 250,000 “likes” on our DC Collectibles Facebook page, we asked you to send us your questions about our products, our processes, or anything else you felt like! As always, you responded and we sent five of our favorite and most frequently asked questions to our Vice President of Creative Services, Kevin Kiniry, to answer.

Ask DC Collectibles: Facebook Frenzy!

Hi DC Collectors and Facebook fans! Welcome to the “100K Likes” edition of Ask DC Collectibles, our semi-regular question and answer feature here on A week ago, we asked for your DC Collectibles questions and you responded by posting over 100 questions and comments on our Facebook page. That’s a lot to try and cover, but we love a good challenge. Let’s get to it!


Thousands of Collectibles, Thousands of Fans

Not all that long ago, we celebrated crossing the 50,000 likes mark on the DC Collectibles Facebook page. We were so excited about crossing such a major milestone that we planned an entire week of cool stuff to celebrate it. There were original videos, giveaways, a poll to vote on a new Bombshell design and much, much more. With 50,000 fans in our corner, it was quite the party.

So imagine what it’ll be like with 100,000.

Ask DC Collectibles: All Things Action Figures

Welcome back to our DC Collectibles corner as we answer some new questions asked by YOU! This month we want to talk all about action figures. We love them. You love them. We make them. You buy them. And the magic begins…

Question 1: Marc, Erik and Carlitos want to know the thinking behind the New 52 Action Figure 2 Packs and 7 Packs. Will the figures ever be released as solo figures? Why should they buy a pack when they already have some of the figures?

Ask DC Collectibles: The Man of Steel meets the Giant

This week in ask DC Collectibles, we’ve decided to go a bit behind the scenes with our work on the Man of Steel statues, so all of your action figure questions with have to wait until next time!

Before we get to it however, one of them (the Jor-El statue) was just seen on Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel!

Check it out at:

Ask DC Collectibles: March 20th

This week in the Injustice Battle Arena, Jim Fletcher, the lean mean sculpting machine that is DC Entertainment’s Director of Creative Services and Kevin Kiniry, DC Entertainment’s suave, yet savage Vice President of Creative Services face an unrelenting assault of hard-hitting questions!

Ask DC Collectibles: January 30th

It may be nearly February, but with the fun we’ve been having this month, it feels like the New Year’s Eve party still hasn’t ended. (Or maybe it’s because we’re still wearing the cardboard hats they gave us.) Either way, we’d like to welcome you to a new year and ring in 2013 with new questions for the Ask DC Collectibles team of Jim Fletcher, Director, Creative Services and Kevin Kiniry, Vice President, Creative Services. They made their resolutions (read comics, make collectibles, enjoy life) and feel they’re ready to take on all of the wonders of the year ahead.


Ask DC Collectibles: October 24th

When we say the word “action,” what do you think about? Well, if you think of action figures, then look no further. You’ve just hit the bulls-eye. The fine folks from DC Collectibles are back with a new edition of Ask DC Collectibles, our monthly feature where you ask questions on Facebook and we answer them here in THE SOURCE. This month, our topic is action figures, which due to their articulation and affordability have long been a favorite of collectors.


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