Exclusive Preview of BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED #18

Neo-Gotham is tearing itself apart!

A vicious round of violence has engulfed the streets of Crown Point and it’s all Comissioner Barbara Gordon can do to keep the conflict from spreading to the rest of the city. Just when she needs it most, a helping hand arrives in the form of … Batgirl? The cape and cowl might look familiar but can Commissioner Gordon trust this new incarnation of her old alter ego? Then, it’s the explosive conclusion to the Undercloud storyline!

Exclusive Preview of BATMAN BEYOND UNLIMITED #17

The war between the Trillians and the Mangels rages on and the Justice League is caught in the middle! Superman uses reason to try and defuse an intense situation even as a Trillian Megabomb embedded in the planet counts down to what could be the end for an entire species. Meanwhile, Rebel One and her Undercloud hacker collective’s plan for Gotham begins to come into focus. Can Batman stop her metal monster before it levels the city? Finally, it’s graduation day at the Brain Trust’s Academy of Arts and Sciences … but there’s still one final exam.

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