Music and Metahumans: An Interview with Flash and Arrow Composer Blake Neely

Blake Neely may be a bonafide metahuman.

The hardworking composer has been responsible for the soundtrack that has accompanied The CW’s Arrow since it debuted in 2012, developing the show’s signature themes and setting its many memorable moments to music. With 69 episodes to score over the first three seasons of Arrow alone, you could be forgiven for assuming that Neely’s dance card was full, but last year he also began scoring The Flash, crafting an entirely new set of now-familiar themes to accompany Central City’s fast-moving hero.

Island Music: An Interview with Arrow Composer Blake Neely

Yesterday saw the release of the original television soundtrack for the first season of Arrow, and listening to it, a few things become clear. The first is how wide ranging the score is, offering up both gentle, romantic themes of love and longing as well as relentless, dark beats that effectively convey the violent vigilante justice that the show’s also known for.

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