First Look: Batgirl Beyond Springs into Action

With Batman and Bruce Wayne out of town, Barbara Gordon would seem to be in some trouble after she gets abducted in Neo-Gotham’s crime-ridden Crown Point. But it turns out Terry McGinnis isn’t the only hero roaming the city as we find in this week’s BATMAN BEYOND #12, which focuses on the Batgirl of the future who finds herself teaming up with Terry’s best friend, Max.

First Look: Is Bruce Wayne Gotham's Greatest Villain in Batman: White Knight?

Every now and then a Batman comic book comes along that turns the world of the Dark Knight completely on its head. THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS was one. So was BATMAN: EARTH ONE, BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM and BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN. They’re comics that reinterpret the Batman mythos in compelling new ways. They’re the books that you talk about with friends and fellow fans for years after they’ve ended, and go back to time and time again.


Here's a first look at HARLEY QUINN #27 written by Frank Tieri with art by Eleaonora Carlini, HI-FI and Dave Sharpe. Cover art is by Jill Thompson, Frank Cho & Sabine Rich.

Harley and the Penguin struck an uneasy truce the first time he started extending his criminal empire into New York City... but now he's plotting a massive real estate deal right in Harley's Coney Island -- including coming after her own building!

Check out a preview of the issue below! 


Sneak Peek: An Early Look at Metal #3 and Batman: The Merciless

Look alive, DC fans, we have something special for you. If you visit our site regularly, you may have noticed that we have a typical way of doing things. Unless you’re attending one of our Comic-Con panels, we usually don’t preview new comics until the art in them is largely finished.

However, we’re doing things a little different today, and giving you a look at a few comics that are still very much in progress. Why? Because we’re talking about DARK NIGHTS: METAL, that’s why.

First Look: Wonder Woman Goes to War

All’s fair in love and war, but rarely are the two so intertwined as they are in THE LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN, the buzzworthy new digital first series that offers fans a vastly different take on Diana’s life care of acclaimed fantasy writer and artist Renae de Liz with inks and colors by Ray Dillon. In tomorrow’s Chapter 15, Diana discovers a way she can join the war effort overseas—by becoming a nurse.

The Flash - "The Reverse-Flash Returns" Preview

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Arrow/The Flash - "Heroes Join Forces" Crossover Event Preview

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