Justice League: Earth’s Final Defense

Unless you’re Steve Trevor, downloading this new iOS game is the easiest way to get the Justice League on your phone.
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Justice League: Earth's Final Defense trailer


• The finale of “The Others.”
• Aquaman pushed to the breaking point!
• Who is Black Manta working for?


• GEOFF JOHNS is joined by TONY DANIEL for a two-part chapter in the Justice League saga marching toward TRINITY WAR.

• JUSTICE LEAGUE #12 will have the world debating its shocking conclusion – and where it will lead from here!

• The League takes on a villain destined to be one of the greatest threats to the DC Universe in the year ahead – the mysterious Cheetah! But who is she? What is her connection to Wonder Woman? And how will this fundamentally change the relationships within the team?

• Plus: The next chapter of the SHAZAM! backup epic by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank!


Justice League Vol. 1: Origin

Are you new to the world of Justice League? This collection by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee is the perfect place to start.
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JLA #103

"The Pain of the Gods" continues as Green Lantern John Stewart crosses the line in dealing with a sleazeball criminal. How far is "too far" when meting out justice?

JLA #119

The two concluding issues written by Geoff Johns (THE FLASH, TEEN TITANS) and Allan Heinberg (The O.C.) double-ship in September!In JLA #119, part 5 of the 5-part "Crisis of Conscience," the JLA must face off against Despero in Wayne Manor! But in order to stop Despero, the team will be forced to turn against one of its own...


Green Arrow is the front-and-center focus of this issue, which also features the Doom Patrol, the Metal Men, the Titans, Supergirl and others on the battlefield! But whose side are they on? The villains' plot to to exploit the innocent may even affect the heroes' comrades, colleagues and co-combatants!


The League loses a member as writer Dwayne McDuffie turns up the heat in the "Injustice League" story arc! A party has turned very deadly for the World's Greatest Heroes when they find themselves prisoners of the Injustice League!

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