Happy Friday

Believe it or not, here at The Source, we sometimes get a day off that doesn't fall on the weekend. Today is such a day. So, to use a common blogging phrase, "posting will be light" today. Which is not to say we won't have a healthy dose of fun content, though. TRINITY editor Mike Carlin will pop in this later for our regular From The Editors feature and we'll have a sneak peek or two to keep you entertained as you count down the minutes to the weekend. See you Monday!

Sometimes, you just need to RUN

What happens when every villain and hero on the planet wants your head on a platter? Welcome to the world of the Human Flame. As he awakens, seconds after the end of FINAL CRISIS, the two-bit thug realizes that he's a dead man walking for his role in the death of the Martian Manhunter. Broke and powerless, there's little choice in what he can do: Run like hell and cross his fingers. Check out the first few pages from FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: RUN #1, from writer Matt Sturges and artist Freddie E. Williams II.

THE QUESTION co-feature unveiled

Batwoman isn't the only lady trying to fill the void left by Batman's disappearance in the pages of DETECTIVE COMICS -- Rene Montoya, i.e. The Question, joins the series as an ongoing co-feature starting this June in the pages of DETECTIVE COMICS #854, from writer Greg Rucka and artist Cully Hamner. Until now, we've only seen a few of Cully's design sketches. But we've got a few inked pages to show off his work right here. [gallery link="file"]


Two titles that were initially announced at this year's New York Comic-Con are heading closer to being in your hands. In an effort to make you long for those issues all the more, we're debuting a look at the covers to the second issues of BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM and GOTHAM CITY SIRENS, both from writer Paul Dini and artists Dustin Nguyen and Guillem March, respectively.

Deathtrap continues in the pages of VIGILANTE #5

"Deathtrap" -- the TEEN TITANS/VIGILANTE/TITANS crossover that kicked off in TITANS #12, continues in the pages of VIGILANTE #5, as our "hero" finds himself trapped by the Titans after trying to off Vic Stone -- aka Cyborg. But the Vigilante isn't the kind of person who gives up easily. So, do you see what I see? Yeah. CONFLICT. Check out these preview pages for more. The issue hits on 4/15. [gallery link="file"]