A heavy dose of GREEN LANTERN #39

By now, you've seen preview pages for this issue at NEWSARAMA and IGN, both showing off the stylish artistry of Philip Tan (working with Geoff Johns, natch). But in our continued efforts to be reader-friendly, we've re-posted both previews here, along with an extra page and some prelim pencils from Tan. NEWSARAMA also posted some pencils from the issue on Friday. GREEN LANTERN #39 -- the gift that keeps on giving. The issue hits stores tomorrow.


Yesterday, we gave you a look at an early version of the cover to the first issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE, which, as we guessed, left you interested in more. Let it never be said we don't deliver here at The Source. As promised, here are three pages from the first issue, from writer James Robinson and artist Mauro Cascioli. We also tossed in the final cover for good measure. [gallery link="file"]

Check out pages from GREEN ARROW/BLACK CANARY #19

In GREEN ARROW/BLACK CANARY #19, Dinah faces off against Cupid, the murderous vigilante who's been lusting after Ollie Queen (aka Green Arrow, for the uninitiated). Easier said than done. Check out some of these pages from the Andrew Kreisberg/Mike Norton combo for a bit of what's happening in the world of everyone's favorite superhero couple. [gallery link="file"]

Learn a little bit more about FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: INK

Fame can quickly get to your head, and when you're an ex-con coasting on a sudden rush of popularity, it's hard to deal with the harsh realities of life. So learns the Tattooed Man. Flush from his flirtation with being a good guy after FINAL CRISIS, the former villain returns home to be welcomed as a hero. But being a hero and thinking you're one are very different things. Check out these two penciled pages from artist Fabrizio Fiorentino, who's teaming with writer Eric Wallace on the six-issue mini-series. FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: INK #1 hits on 5/27.


Slated to hit in July, writer James Robinson and artist Mauro Cascioli's JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE mini-series has been hotly anticipated, to say the least. And now, as we inch closer to the release of the first issue, here's a look at a prelim cover for the first issue of the series. Like what you see? Come back tomorrow for some more Cascioli goodness. Yes, you have to wait.