Just another day for the SUPERMAN Group Editor

Hey folks! As usual, we have our regular “From the Editors” post  coming your way. Being the diligent worker we all know and love, Matt Idelson  managed to give us his entry early, as he made his escape to the distant land  of Barcelona. Enjoy...

Happy Friday! Have some WARLORD #3

The Warlord and his companions have made it to the Shadow Lands, but the evil power that has seized those lands isn't planning a warm welcome -- of course. Does their only hope lie with a surface-worlder? Writer Mike Grell and artist Chad Hardin have the answers, and we have a sneak peek below. Nice way to head into the weekend, no? WARLORD #3 hits on 6/3. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

Things get rough in SOLOMON GRUNDY #4

In the fourth issue of writer/artist Scott Kolins SOLOMON GRUNDY mini-series, we find the lumbering force of nature facing off against Green Lantern Alan Scott as Cyrus Gold is finally confronted with his murder weapon, forcing truths about Cyrus' death to come to light. Can he find his killer and shrug off that pesky curse? Well, maybe. Check out these pages for a clue or two. SOLOMON GRUNDY #4 hits on 6/3. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

You saw the teaser, now some answers

And more art, of course. This morning, we unveiled an interesting piece of art, featuring your pal and mine, Magog. Some of you may have seen the image in the back of your weekly haul of DC books. And, because we believe in instant gratification, here's the scoop: Starting in September, writer Keith Giffen will pair with artists Howard Porter and John Dell (reuniting the JLA art team) for MAGOG #1. We'll have more plot details in the coming weeks, but since you've all been so patient, here's another piece of Porter art to get you a bit closer to the weekend.

A few links of note for Wednesday

flashreb01 This gloomy weather has us here at The Source feeling a tad under the weather, so apologies for using the "blogging will be light" cliché today. But, we do have a slew of places for you to visit as you wait for a full recovery.

Have some pencils from THE SHIELD

Back when we chatted with RED CIRCLE editor Joey Cavalieri, we showed off new art from three of the four RED CIRCLE one-shots. In our continued efforts to show off as much cool art as we can, we snagged four SHIELD pages by artist Scott McDaniel, who, along with inker Andy Owens, will be handling art chores on the one-shot. SHIELD looks pretty angry, huh? All four RED CIRCLE one-shots are hitting in August. [gallery columns="4"]

Things are getting brutal for the SECRET SIX

Not reading SECRET SIX? Shame on you. Not only did AIN'T IT COOL NEWS just give the latest issue a sterling review, but writer Gail Simone and artist Nicola Scott are really pulling out all the stops on the series. #10 features the Six being blackmailed by someone claiming to be their old boss, Mockingbird, into a brand-new mission, which takes them into the heart of the metahuman slave trade. Check out some pages below. SECRET SIX #10 hits 6/3. [gallery link="file"]


Well, it's not actually Wednesday, but that's never stopped us from posting cool images from WEDNESDAY COMICS, has it? The new weekly series, slated to launch in July, is the brainchild of DC Art Director Mark Chiarello, who has collected an impressive array of creators for the book. This time around, we have a look at writer Eddie Berganza and artist Sean Galloway's TEEN TITANS strip, which, as you can see, is really a delight. Enjoy.

Just a quick housekeeping reminder, and a few TEEN TITANS #71 pages

We'll be closing up shop a little early this afternoon. Every now and again we get this thing called a "Summer Friday." Just means we can jet a bit early and enjoy the weekend. I'm all for it. Additionally, the DC offices will be closed on Monday, celebrating Memorial Day. Alas, this means no blogging will be happening. Try not to cry. But, in our continued efforts to keep you entertained, here are a few pages from TEEN TITANS #71. In the aftermath of the "Deathtrap" crossover, the team picks up the pieces as Ravager returns -- but is she friend or foe?