Head into Friday with some pages from SUPERMAN #688

Mon-El's role as Superman's stand-in for Metropolis is threatened by a sudden and mysterious power loss. How can he be the hero he needs to be without any special abilities? James Robinson and Renato Guedes answer the question, with a dash of the Guardian thrown in for good measure. Can you guess who the spy within the Science Police is? Probably not, but guess anyway. SUPERMAN #688 is on sale 5/27. [gallery link="file"]

Ed Benes is doing a BATMAN issue. Here are some pages.

Ed Benes is handling art duties on BATMAN #687. You've seen some of the stuff coming after, specifically, Mark Bagley's upcoming work, but why not take a gander at some of Benes' linework? It will not disappoint.Ed steps in for a one-issue spotlight, pairing him with writer Judd Winick to set the stage for the post-BATTLE FOR THE COWL world, leading into Winick and Bagley’s first arc on the book.

BLUE BEETLE co-feature pages? We got 'em

Well, surprise news. There's one co-feature we haven't shown pages from, and that's BLUE BEETLE, which will be setting up shop with BOOSTER GOLD starting with #21 of that series, from writer Matt Sturges and artist Mike Norton. In the first installment, Jaime Reyes has a friendly lunch interrupted by a marauding 50-foot robot. Sound like a fun break? Didn't think so. Check out some colored pages below. [gallery link="file"]

Enjoy some Jerry Ordway JSA goodness

Writer/artist Jerry Ordway steps in for a few issues before the new regular team of Bill Willingham, Matt Sturges and artist Jesus Merino take over, and he's got some fun stuff in store. The younger members of the JSA find their headquarters in lockdown mode -- with Flash, Green Lantern and Wildcat stuck inside. Can the junior team break into their own base? And what Atomic Age secret returns to haunt the three JSA founders? Find out some of the answers -- and a few new questions -- in the pages below.

Take a look inside the RAVAGER co-feature

One of the best parts of working on The Source is getting a chance to see stuff in progress, or getting bits of info about the creative process. With that in mind, we talked TEEN TITANS Editor Brian Cunningham into giving us a look-see at what goes into creating the RAVAGER co-feature, which will kick off with TEEN TITANS #72(in stores on 6/24, natch), from writer Sean McKeever and artist Yildiray Cinar. Take it away, Brian:

How 'bout some FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: INK pages?

For the first time in his life, the Tattooed Man feels like a hero. After his turn for the side of good during FINAL CRISIS, the former villain finds himself with a new lifestyle and a welcome change from what he previously knew. But soon the pressure to stay away from his old haunts and temptations start to wear on him. Writer Eric Wallace and artist Fabrizio Fiorentino present a tale of a man's struggle with redemption -- and his own powers. Check out a back of pages below. FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: INK #1 hits on 5/27.