It's a Battle for the Cowl in SECRET SIX #9

What happens when two members of the Secret Six feel they should get a shot at replacing Batman? Even better, the team heads to Gotham with the semi-delusional Ragdoll determined to be the new Boy Wonder. Not surprisingly, people in Gotham City have other plans. Some of which you can see in this here preview, courtesy of writer Gail Simone and artist Nicola Scott. SECRET SIX #9 hits 5/13. [gallery link="file"]

Have a slice of R.E.B.E.L.S. #4

Tony Bedard welcomes guest artist Claude St. Aubin aboard just in time to meet the galaxy's new would-be conquerer. Dox and the Omega Men plot their next move as the alien Khunds and Dominators team up to face off against the mysterious threat. As tempting as it might be, though, do not -- I repeat -- do not just jump to the last page. It's a shocking one. Yup. R.E.B.E.L.S. #4 hits 5/13. [gallery link="file"]

Julian Lopez takes over ACTION art duties

How about a little news with your coffee? This August -- ACTION COMICS #880, to be exact -- will see Julian Lopez (ORACLE: THE CURE, BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS) step in as the regular series artist, just in time for a crossover with the other Super-books. I could summarize the plot of said crossover, or hint at stuff, like Superman maybe returning to Earth, or New Krypton/Earth relations hitting an all-new low, but that'll just make you impatient for August, right? Not to fear. We have some sketches from Mr. Lopez to tide you over until then. [gallery link="file"]

End your week with a preview of WARLORD #2

The sudden arrival of a new band of surface-worlders in the exotic land of Skartaris has thrown its delicate political balance into disarray -- and only the Warlord can diffuse it. But it'll take an epic journey across the deadly lands of the Shadow Kingdom to do so. Writer Mike Grell and artist Joe Prado continue their reinvigoration of the classic character with this issue. Check out a few pages right here. WARLORD #2 hits on 5/6. [gallery link="file"]

FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH -- just one of many things to be excited about in the coming months

Hey everybody – Senior Story Editor Ian Sattler here.  It’s almost hard to put into words how excited I am right now.  I’m not talking about winning the championship in my fantasy basketball league -- and that was pretty awesome.  I’m not talking about the huge sandwich I had for lunch that was totally killer.  I’m not even talking about my copy of Van Halen that I found last night, which is an all-time classic.  No, I’m excited because working at DC Comics right now is amazing!  We’re close to the end of Battle for the Cowl and a Batman event in June that’s going to change everything.  The ev

Celebrate Friday with a SUPERMAN: WORLD OF NEW KRYPTON #3 preview

Superman's been drafted into New Krypton's Military Guild, so it's starting to look like General Zod might have finally put the Man of Steel under his control. But when an order comes down commanding Kal to commit an act of brutality, Superman has to choose between his duty and what's right. Click below for some pages from the issue, featuring a snazzy Howard Chaykin variant. SUPERMAN: WORLD OF NEW KRYPTON #2 hits on 5/6. [gallery link="file"]