A perfectly timed summer Friday

At least I think so. Not to throw a pity party, but I don't think it's a stretch to say we're all recovering a tad from the intensity that was San Diego Comic-Con International. Luckily, the DC offices will be closed today. Which means The Source will be quiet. I, meanwhile, will be packing boxes and lugging furniture, because that's what I like to do over the weekend. When I'm moving. So, I'll see you bright and early Monday, with a preview of JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE #2. Until then, enjoy the weekend.

SECRET SIX -- at odds?

When a crisis of conscience divides the team amidst a horrific war involving Amazons led by a delusional Artemis, can the team survive? But that's just the icing on the cake, folks: Jeannette and Wonder Woman step into the ring for an all-out brawl. Still on the fence? Scroll down for a few preview pages to whet your appetite, from the top-notch team of Gail Simone and artist Nicola Scott. SECRET SIX #12 hits 8/5. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

Back to reality

The dust has settled, and we've chalked up another San Diego Comic-Con. There've been a ton of great moments and even more exciting stories to tell, but, believe it or not -- we have to get on a plane in a few minutes. So, needless to say, posting will be relatively light today. And, by "relatively light," I mean, this is it. Tomorrow, we've got a roundup of all the major DCU news from the con, a few cool pictures from the show and much more.

And that’s a wrap

ccihdr_r1_c1 The announcement has come over the PA, the fans are slowly heading toward the exits and you can almost see the carpet of the convention halls. It’s been a great show, and we’re glad you guys got to get a taste of the excitement here on The Source.

It’s Sunday Conversation time

We’re entering the final lap here at Comic Con. The fans are running around to snatch up last-minute deals, the staffers are looking a little glazed over – but the energy in the convention center is still high. And what better way to close out the con than a Sunday Conversation panel? Dan started these a few years back and the idea really stuck. I even had the pleasure of sitting on one of them way back when.

It’s the last day of Comic Con – have some JUSTICE LEAGUE pages

Surprisingly, I’m still fairly functional. I think. The marathon that is SDCC is coming to a close, but we still have some stuff to show off, at least in regards to books hitting next week. Len Wein continues his guest stint as writer, teaming with artist Eddy Barrows. The cards are stacked against the remnants of the League, and it’s no surprise I’m jokingly referencing the Royal Flush Gang. Can even the team survive before the unexpected arrival of an old foe? Unclear. But here are some pages to get you up to speed.