What’s going on with Superman? Find out now

Good morning, Source readers. We’re slowly getting acclimated to this west coast time business and getting down to, well, business here at San Diego Comic Con. First up on the agenda is the SUPERMAN: TWO WORLDS panel, which kicks off in a few minutes. I think I still see a few seats available, so, if you’re milling around, you still have time to head over to Room 6DE to listen to some of the talented creators working their magic on the Superman franchise.

Things are not looking good for the Tattooed Man

Writer Eric Wallace and artist Fabrizio Fiorentino continue to bring their A-game to FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH: INK with the latest issue, as the Tattooed Man finds his family in trouble, his powers on the fritz and his city looking to him desperately for help before it goes up in flames. Too bad TM is occupied getting his face bashed in by a couple of new villains to do much about it. Well, newsflash – being a hero isn’t all photo ops and parades. The question is, does Tattooed Man have what it takes to handle the tough times? We’ve got some pages that might answer the question.

Wonder Woman and Black Canary, together? Yeah, sold

Following up after the status-altering events of WONDER WOMAN #33, writer Gail Simone and artist Aaron Lopresti kick off the two-part “Birds of Paradise” story, which finds Wonder Woman teaming up with Ollie Queen’s significant other, Black Canary, for an undercover caper that finds the duo rubbing elbows with some of the worst villains the DCU. It’s gonna be a rough time for some rough characters – but who better to spend it with than Diana and Dinah? Check out some pages from the issue below. WONDER WOMAN #34 hits 7/29.


Well, we’re three weeks into the wonderful WEDNESDAY COMICS series, and reactions have been, well, spectacular. And here at The Source, we want to hear from you, the WC reader. What strip did you like last week? Which one is in the lead overall? What are some of your favorite moments so far? Let us know. And because we realize art is a great motivator, we’ve got a look at next week’s CATWOMAN/THE DEMON strip, from writer Walt Simonson, with amazing art by the incomparable Brian Stelfreeze. So make click-y with the art and chime in below.

On a plane...

ccihdr_r1_c1 I guess I could have taken the easy route and just made “Leavin’ on a Jet Plane” the headline, but that always grates on me. But I digress.

It’s the Teen Titans vs. the Fearsome Five – what more do you need?

Writer Bryan Q. Miller (Smallville), who’ll be kicking off the new BATGIRL series in no time, continues his jaunt through the Teen Titans world, as the team tries to rescue Wonder Girl from the new Fearsome Five, as the Calculator enacts his revenge on the team for not protecting his daughter. Plus, writer Sean McKeever and artist Yildiray Cinar continue to chronicle the solo adventures of everyone’s favorite one-eyed teen, Ravager, in the issue’s second feature. What more do you need? Preview pages? Sure. Scroll down.


It’s a preview Monday! As we make any and all last-minute preparations for San Diego, we’ve got a nice collection of previews for you today. Next up is LAST DAYS OF ANIMAL MAN #3, from writer Gerry Conway and artist Chris Batista. And you don’t need to take it from me – scroll down and see for yourself – but it’s clear Batista is knocking it out of the park with this mini, spotlighting a possible future for Buddy Baker, aka Animal Man.