Kick off the week with some pages from JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #29

This is it, folks. The new creative team of writers Bill Willingham and Matt Sturges, along with exceptional artist Jesus Merino unite to herald a new era for the Justice Society of America. Strange things start to happen at JSA headquarters just as two new recruits join the fold, all which point to an all-out assault on the team. And what do new members King Chimera and All-American Kid have to do with it?

'The Deep' concludes with THE OUTSIDERS #20

Peter Tomasi and artist Lee Garbett finish off the six-part "The Deep" arc as the Outsiders -- against their will, of course -- help the Insiders find the last pieces of the meteorite which will restore the immortality of the Insiders once and for all. But a fateful choice has to be made by Geo-Force that will lead to a life-changing moment for him and Katana. Plus, more on the mysterious origins of Metamorpho and his connection to the Insiders. Not enough for you? Well, we have a bunch of pages below that might motivate you a tad more.

A few pages of GOTHAM CITY SIRENS #2 for you

Paul Dini and artist Guillem March amp things up with the second issue of GOTHAM CITY SIRENS, as Tommy Elliot -- the villain known as Hush -- wreaks havoc throughout Gotham after his escape from the Batcave. And, if you recall, Tommy's got a serious case of the Bruce Waynes happening, as in, he looks just like him. Will the team of Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn be enough to stop his rampage? Click below for a few pages to see. GOTHAM CITY SIRENS #2 hits 7/22. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

Are you ready for BLACKEST NIGHT?

It's finally here. The players are in place. The dead are rising. You've seen the previews and read the issues leading up to BLACKEST NIGHT #1,which hit comic shops today. But there's more. Included in the extra material on the GREEN LANTERN: FIRST FLIGHT DC Universe animated original movie — on sale 7/28 on Blu-ray and DVD -- is a feature spotlighting this summer's biggest event, including interviews with Geoff Johns, Peter Tomasi and Dan DiDio. And we’ve got two clips from the segment right here.