T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #1 - #6 available now in our Digital Store!

The first six issues of Nick Spencer and CAFU's T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS are now available in the digital store, giving readers the perfect chance to catch up on the acclaimed new take on The Higher United Nations Defense Enforcement Reserves: a group of unconventional superheroes with powers that will eventually kill them. If you need another reason to catch up, check out the sequence in issue #7 that takes place in the 1960s - with Nick Dragotta illustrating them in the style of the era.

The Mystery of The Forest Revealed

The monumental conclusion to BRIGHTEST DAY occurred in the Star City’s forest. With the re-emergence of Swamp Thing, the forest’s role was no longer clouded with mystery. But what does that reveal mean for Oliver Queen, Galahad, Etrigan the Demon, and the others who had been protecting it? GREEN ARROW #12 hits stores today and is written by J.T. Krul and features art by Diogenes Neves, Vicente Cifuentes and Oclair Albert, a cover by David Aja, and a variant cover by Joe Prado and Rod Reis.


This month THE WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS heats up. Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner fight on against their fellow Lanterns and the carnage escalates to savage heights.


New GREEN LANTERN movie trailer released

If you haven't already seen it, the new GREEN LANTERN trailer (which is also the first GREEN LANTERN 3D trailer) is a great 2 and a half minute primer for the GREEN LANTERN mythology in anticipation of the Warner Bros. movie release. And speaking of primers, every Monday-Thursday we've been revealing character backgrounds from the GREEN LANTERN comic books here on THE SOURCE. So check them out and get ready for June 17th!

Feasting on Fear



REAL NAME: Parallax OCCUPATION: Soul collector / Fear inducer BASE OF OPERATIONS: N/A HOMEWORLD: N/A HEIGHT: N/A WEIGHT: N/A EYES: N/A HAIR: N/A FIRST APPEARANCE: Green Lantern: Rebirth #3 (January/February, 2005) AKA: Fear Entity BACKGROUND from the comic books:

Know Your Rogues

THE FLASH Omnibus Volume 1 is on sale now. Written by best-selling comics superstar Geoff Johns and with art by fan-favorites Scott Kolins, Ethan Van Sciver and Angel Unzueta, this gorgeous collection includes: THE FLASH issues #164-176, FLASH:IRON HEIGHTS #1, FLASH SECRET FILES #3, and FLASH OUR WORLDS AT WAR #1 and more! Check out the great review over at UGO.

Batman chases down the Roadrunner in DETECTIVE COMICS #877

In the second part of "Hungry City", Batman plunges deeper into the mystery surrounding the brutal murder of a young woman whose body was found in the belly of a killer whale. But his detective skills lead him into a deadly trap set in motion by some of the Gotham underworld's newest and most fearsome players - including a slippery gun runner with titanium legs. Scott Snyder and Jock's DETECTIVE COMICS #877 is on sale tomorrow. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

Husband of Abin Sur’s sister



REAL NAME: Thaal Sinestro OCCUPATION: Green Lantern/Galactic Protector BASE OF OPERATIONS: Sector 1417 HOMEWORLD: Korugar HEIGHT: 6’ 7" WEIGHT: 204 lbs EYES: Black HAIR: Black FIRST APPEARANCE: Green Lantern vol. 2 #7 (July/August, 1961) AKA: Green Lantern

Grant Morrison discusses the cover to Batman and Robin #16

[Editor's note: Grant Morrison provided the below commentary for the bonus material in the new BATMAN AND ROBIN MUST DIE! Hardcover - for more behind-the-scenes material from Grant, Frank Quitely and Frazer Irving, be sure to check out the book, now in stores!] Issue Sixteen This was both mine and Frank Quitely’s finale on the BATMAN AND ROBIN title, and the cover, like so many of the others, had been planned back at the beginning of the run and stayed fairly close to the original intention.