From The Editor’s Desk: Joey Cavalieri

Maybe I have a little too much of what might be termed “peripheral vision.” As much as I enjoy the comics that carry the thrust of the “mainstream,” I tend to follow whatever flows off the main stem to see where they may lead. I like the periphery, the left field, the off-beat, the eccentric. Show me an edge and I’ll sail off it. I’ve been very lucky: I’ve been able to work on a lot of comics that had a reputation for straying from the pack. That streak of luck has continued with DC Comics-The New 52.

From The Editor’s Desk: Matt Idelson on I, VAMPIRE

Love. Redemption. Those don’t exactly sound like the high adventure comics are built on, but they’re two of the main components of I, VAMPIRE. And before you start thinking this is our take on the current vampire craze, let me set you straight on a couple things. First, I, VAMPIRE debuted in the DC Universe back in 1980s, some twenty years ago. Second, this is part of the DC Comics-The New 52, so you know we’re not going for mushy romance, teen angst or asking you to pick a team.

Back To School!

THE NEW YORK FIVE, collecting the four-issue miniseries by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly, exposes the underbelly of college life in the Big Apple! Riley's sister Angie is making a name with her new band, while Riley is the black sheep of the family. Plus: Lona's murky past seems to include stalkerism, and Merissa and Ren must deal with situations involving older men. But who’s the “five” in THE NEW YORK FIVE? This gorgeous volume, on sale now, also includes bonus material!