From The Editor’s Desk: Wil Moss on SUPERGIRL and DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS

I dunno how many of you have sisters, but when mine was a teenager, she was, as they say, hell on wheels. Always getting into trouble, always getting into fights (usually more with her friends than with her enemies), always managing to outthink authority figures (be they cops or parents), always hanging with a questionable crowd, always a new piercing or tattoo – just drama at every turn, and usually of her own making. Nowadays she’s a morally upright citizen. She’s got a dog and a cat, a boyfriend and she even just completed jury duty! But back then? Hell. On. Wheels.


A groundbreaking discovery from the Theban Hills in Egypt in 1915 leads Dr. Pavel to travel the world in the hopes of finding more to aid in his research. Now in Romania, vampire hunters Felicia Book and Cash McCogan meet up with Dr. Pavel and escape the catacombs beneath the Nazi castle with the rumored vampire cure, but will it work? AMERICAN VAMPIRE: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST #4 by Scott Snyder and artist Sean Murphy hits stores Wednesday.

From Lost to International

Last year I found myself editing a little bi-weekly called GENERATION LOST. When it landed in my lap, I was suddenly transported back to being an eight-year-old in an airport in Chicago when I was traveling on my own to see my dad in North Dakota. I had five bucks in my pocket and I picked up my first JLI (that’s JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL for you folks that aren’t in the know). I remember being like, “Holy cow! Comics are filled with action and comedy? No way!”

What was the first…with Assistant Editor Greg Lockard

Greg Lockard, who assists Shelly Bond on such titles as HELLBLAZER, iZOMBIE and FABLES, shares his firsts. What was the first… Convention you attended as a fan? Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco 2003. Convention you attended as a pro? NYCC 2008. Home court advantage! Job in the comic book Industry? Vertigo Intern, Summer 2002. Comic book you worked on? HELLBLAZER #275. I'm new and madly obsessed with this title and the chance to work with the entire team. Comic book you read?