DC Comics All Access: Ian Sattler

I was worried I'd never see daylight again. That's seriously a concern I had while playing Batman: Arkham City over the holidays this year. We all love comics (obviously) and we all love video games, so the amazing combination of Batman and brutality that was Arkham City had a lot of us spending quite a bit of time sitting inside with our game consoles. This week I'm happy to bring good news for those of you looking to expand the Arkham City experience and possibly breathe some fresh air at the same time.


It's official. BEFORE WATCHMEN has officially been announced. To see the covers and read exclusive interviews with the writers of the seven mini-series, as well as the CURSE OF THE CRIMSON CORSAIR back-up story to be featured in each issue, visit the following media outlets.

USA Today: RORSCHACH – Interview with writer Brian Azzarello


This summer, DC Entertainment will publish all-new stories expanding on the acclaimed WATCHMEN universe. As highly anticipated as they are controversial, the seven inter-connected prequel mini-series will build on the foundation of the original WATCHMEN, the bestselling graphic novel of all time. BEFORE WATCHMEN will be the collective banner for all seven titles, from DC Comics.