DC Week-In-Review: March 23

While we finished the weekend getting rained on at WonderCon, the outlook was bright this week on DCComics.com with a glimpse of the very edgy looking ARROW and the news about the upcoming BATMAN LIVE.


Here’s some of the DC news we broke this week…


Who says Gotham isn’t a real city? BATMAN LIVE promises to take us all there when it comes to North America in September.


Jim Lee and Geoff Johns Talk Batman Live

Batman Live is heading to North America beginning September 5 with its first stop in California after a well-received tour throughout the UK, Europe, and Latin America.  To help usher in the event our very own Jim Lee and Geoff Johns met up with the show’s writer and lead actor for a quick press tour.  

Exclusive Preview of BATMAN: ODYSSEY #6

For the past five issues of BATMAN: ODYSSEY, fans have speculated to whom Bruce Wayne is speaking while telling the stories of his quest through the underworld. In the penultimate issue of the miniseries, which goes on sale today, their question is answered.