“There isn't much we want to say yet about Ya'wara. She is a member of the Tapirape, an indigenous tribe of Brazil living in deep in the Amazon rainforest, she has a jaguar, she has a unique power and she has a connection with Aquaman that isn't going to make Mera very happy.

Exclusive Preview of THE SHADE #6

In the last issue of THE SHADE, a dark spell was cast across Barcelona. With the return of The Inquisitor, 25 innocent citizens of the city found themselves held hostage. And the only way to save their lives is to exchange them for the life of Shade’s protégé, vampire La Sangre.


It’s DC Nation Friday with Two EXCLUSIVE New Videos

DC Nation took the airwaves by storm with its official debut on Cartoon Network last weekend. And we have just the thing to get viewers excited for tomorrow’s episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice – two new videos that are EXCLSUIVE to