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In just two weeks, we’ll be coming at you live from WonderCon in sunny California. For those lucky enough to attend the convention, there will be lots of exciting announcements, sneak peeks and more that we’ll be sharing with you.



“Conceived in a controlled test aboard a Russian space station, the man known as Vostok-X was genetically designed to be the perfect cosmonaut. Heightened endurance, enhanced strength and intelligence and most importantly to the scientists overseeing the project, he was psychologically programmed through intense experimentation to embrace human isolationism. Vostok struggles with making emotional connections with other people. 

Exclusive Preview of DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS #25

The war between Brainiac and the heroes and villains of Earth inches closer to its epic conclusion.


With casualties left and right, the team on Earth must depend on Lex Luthor to gain the insight they need to defeat Brainiac and save their planet before it’s too late. But when a Green Lantern falls and their ring chooses Luthor as their successor, will Luthor still be able to lead the team? Or will the temptation that comes with the power of a Green Lantern ring prove to be too irresistible for him to see clearly? 



Continuing the look at the Others, we get to the most secretive and connected of them all. He's known only as the Operative. His exact country of origin is unknown, but the Operative appears to have deep connections to every government on Earth. He's called in favors from the Mexican military, Russian Peacekeeping Forces and South African Freedom Fighters. He's gotten intel delivered to him from the FBI, China's MSS and the Internal Security Organization of Uganda.