Tuesday Roundup: April 17th

In “Night of the Owls” dozens of ageless, frighteningly skilled assassins descend on Gotham. Their targets? Nearly forty of Gotham’s most prominent public figures. Needless to say, Batman and his team are going to have their hands full. But there’s no need for you to tie yourself up trying to hunt down previews of our “Night of the Owls” prelude issues: BATMAN #8 and NIGHTWING #8.


JUSTICE LEAGUE #4 has sold out and will be going back to press for its third printing. Written by New York Times bestselling author Geoff Johns and illustrated by legendary artist Jim Lee, the issue continues the story of the team’s formation in the midst of a parademon invasion – including Vic Stone’s transformation into Cyborg, Aquaman’s all-out assault on the enemy and the introduction of the bad guy himself: Darkseid.

C2E2 2012: DC Comics for Kids!

Who says you need to be a grown-up to read about super heroes? And while we're on the subject, who says you need to be a grown-up to BE a super hero? Some of the best comics on the racks today are for kids and about kids, and are finding an audience that includes more than a few...well, let's call them fully-grown kids. No matter your age, it's the last day of C2E2 and we're glad you're joining us for our live DC Comics for Kids CON AWAY FROM CON coverage.


C2E2 2012: Vertigo - New Blood

Aliens, zombies, vampires, voodoo, goblins... The world of Vertigo has always been populated by some unique and often dangerous characters, but in March the publisher introduced us to some new creatures to keep our collective eyes on with the launch of four brand new comics. Curious about how they plan to follow such a stellar month? Look for the answer here in our live CON AWAY FROM CON panel coverage.


C2E2 2012: DC All Access - Special Edition: Before Watchmen

Nothing gets people talking like Before Watchmen. For the first time in the company's history, DC is revisiting the world of Watchmen with a series of comics written by some of the best creators in the industry. Ready to revisit the world of Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan and Nite Owl? Well, unfortunately you'll have to wait until the start of Before Watchmen in June. But you're likely to get a taste of it in our live CON AWAY FROM CON coverage.


C2E2 2012: DC Comics - The New 52

The New 52 was the most talked about event in comics last year, and it's not hard to see why. Mainstream comic book publishers don't hit the reset button on every single one of their titles every day. Now, eight months into the initiative, some of DC's biggest creators are gathering to discuss The New 52 - Second Wave, and we're bringing it to you live as part of our CON AWAY FROM CON coverage.


C2E2 2012: DC All Access

The New 52. Night of the Owls. The Culling. New ongoings. There's a lot happening in the world of DC, which means there's much to discuss, dissect and debate. Welcome to your live CON AWAY FROM CON coverage of DC Comics' All Access panel.


DC Collectibles Reveals New Products During C2E2 Panel

During a C2E2 panel today moderated by Geoff Johns, DC Collectibles revealed an exciting line-up of new products, including a new Dr. Manhattan BEFORE WATCHMEN statue, an all-new We Can Be Heroes 7-pack action figure set featuring the DC Comics – The New 52 action figures, and variant busts from The Dark Knight Rises product line.