NEWSARAMA on FLASH: REBIRTH #1: "Johns knows what makes Barry Allen tick"

NEWSARAMA on FLASH: REBIRTH #1: "Johns knows what...

By DCE Editorial Thursday, April 2nd, 2009
flashreb01 FLASH: REBIRTH #1 has been out a little over a day and the reviews are beginning to pour in. David Pepose, over at NEWSARAMA, had this to say in his "Best Shots" review of the issue:
Johns' main strength in Flash is the same he had with Green Lantern: he knows what makes Barry Allen tick. While Hal is a study in recklessness and charismatic defiance, Barry is a little more down to earth. "This man refused to believe the line between good and evil blurred like the scarlet and gold he wore." Methinks this might be a theme, one that may even be as resonant as overcoming fear. Of course, it remains to be seen if Johns can make this more laid-back character into as engrossing a protagonist as Green Lantern: it is true that the scenes where Barry mopes are a little on the slow side... even for a man who is perpetually late. The art in this is pretty fantastic. Ethan Van Sciver proves that you can't rush quality -- while some of his crowd scenes are a little too busy for my liking, he more than makes up for it with the simplistic beauty of a Flash in high speed. The scene of Barry and Hal walking through the Flash Museum, passing by a larger than life statue of them both that screams "The Brave and the Bold" while subtly showing Wally West's Rogues' Gallery is a stroke of genius on both creators' part. Also -- Van Sciver's cartoony statue of Impulse is a great Easter Egg for fans of the original run.
FLASH: REBIRTH #1 is on sale now. You can find a preview right here.