A few links of note: Johns and Van Sciver talks REBIRTH, Berganza on BLACKEST NIGHT

A few links of note: Johns and Van Sciver talks REBIRTH,...

By DCE Editorial Monday, April 6th, 2009
GL Cv39 ds In an effort to prevent you from spiraling into any kind of Monday morning sadness, here's a quick roundup of notable news that hit over the weekend: • Geoff Johns continued to talk up FLASH: REBIRTH, this time with io9's Graeme McMillan:
Why bring back Barry Allen? Because the world needs heroes. Bringing back Barry Allen, that was something that grew out of everything we were doing with Final Crisis with Grant and everything. You know, Grant and I had talked a lot about this, too, when we were working together on DC Universe Zero way back when, about what was going on with the Flash Universe, and more specifically the DC Universe. With Final Crisis, it was a full circle from Crisis on Infinite Earths, and with Darkseid representing the ultimate evil, and Grant really playing the theme that Darkseid really is evil incarnate without room for any grays, Barry Allen was by all accounts considered the greatest force for good in the DC Universe, and so he was brought back to combat that as a signal of ushering in the new age of heroes back in the day with Showcase #4. Barry represents that.
FLASH: REBIRTH artist Ethan Van Sciver stopped by BLOG@NEWSARAMA as well, talking to Russ Burlingame about the mini-series. • IGN also spoke to GREEN LANTERN and BLACKEST NIGHT editor Eddie Berganza about the upcoming mega-event:
IGN Comics: Obviously you have an interesting situation with Blackest Night running alongside Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps – can you give us an idea of the focus of each title? Will they weave together or are their stories pretty distinct? Is Blackest Night a "big DCU picture" idea with GL and GLC focusing strictly on Hal Jordan and his friends? Berganza: Ideally, we're giving you complete stories in each title, but if you read them as a whole you are getting a larger view of this threat that is spreading death throughout the universe. Both GL and GLC will be looking at it from the perspective of the Green Lanterns and the Guardians, and how all the new Corps are affected by it. BN itself will be about how the Black Lanterns are terrorizing the rest of the heroes of the DCU, and you see Hal interacting with them.