FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH -- just one of many things to be excited about in the coming months

FINAL CRISIS AFTERMATH -- just one of many things to be...

By Ian Sattler Friday, May 1st, 2009
Hey everybody – Senior Story Editor Ian Sattler here.  It’s almost hard to put into words how excited I am right now.  I’m not talking about winning the championship in my fantasy basketball league -- and that was pretty awesome.  I’m not talking about the huge sandwich I had for lunch that was totally killer.  I’m not even talking about my copy of Van Halen that I found last night, which is an all-time classic.  No, I’m excited because working at DC Comics right now is amazing!  We’re close to the end of Battle for the Cowl and a Batman event in June that’s going to change everything.  The events of New Krypton in the Superman books are spectacular.  Flash: Rebirth is setting yet another new standard.  JLA: Cry for Justice is FULL of surprises.  Wednesday Comics…co-features…I haven’t even gotten to Blackest Night yet and the list goes on and on!  And I’m not even allowed to tell you about a few of the big-ticket items we have coming.  So yeah – I’m a little bit excited. It seems like every time I turn around the creative team on a book is blowing my mind.  Let’s take today for example.  Now it’s no secret that I think the Final Crisis Aftermath titles are something special.  After all I’m editing ¾ of the line so you’d expect some favoritism.  But I can seriously say that these books have taken off beyond my wildest dreams and today it was Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink that was in the spotlight. When we started this line we wanted to make sure to do something special with all of the covers.  Since Ink starred The Tattooed Man we knew we wanted to focus on the tattoos, but we were having a hard time figuring out the exact angle to go for.  Enter DCU Art Director and style ninja Mark Chiarello.  Chi said that there was only one guy for the job and that he’d call Brian Stelfreeze.  Brian gave us the sketch you see below that not only offered a totally unique way to layout connecting covers, but also really tell the story of what the main character goes through in the book with his powers. ink-sketch-design-st52c51e Each cover Brian turned in was superb, but it was only today that I had them put together for this blog entry.  Whoa.  As you can see when connected the covers to Ink are truly spectacular.  I just started pulling random people walking by my office in to see what I was yelling about. ink-cover-constructi52c513 As if this wasn’t enough I also finished the latest script from Eric Wallace who is the freaking man.  My notes on his scripts consist of me going “OK – you know that part where you came up with the totally epic plot twist?  Yeah, that was awesome.”  Eric and I wasted no time in getting talking about our artist Farbrizio Fiorentino.  Plain and simple – Fabrizio is putting it down on Ink.  He’s owning every inch of each page and he’s going to be one of your new favorites by the end of the summer.  But you’ll be able to see all of this for yourself when Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink #1 comes out May 27th. fcai-1-026002 So yeah – I’m a little bit excited to be at DC right now.  Speaking of which, I gotta go back to work now. But I hope you’re enjoying the books as much as we are. fcai-1-016004 Take care, Ian.