An added plus to SUPERGIRL #50: Helen Slater, Jake Black and Cliff Chiang

An added plus to SUPERGIRL #50: Helen Slater, Jake Black...

By DCE Editorial Friday, January 29th, 2010
supergirl-5042600 In addition to the special, 50th issue wonderful-ness coming your way next month from the stellar creative team of writer Sterling Gates and artist Jamal Igle, SUPERGIRL #50 features a story by none other than Helen Slater,who as some of you can recall, played Supergirl in the major motion picture by the same name. In tandem with co-writer Jake Black and the very talented Cliff Chiang, Slater will tell a story about a “Meet the Press”-type show where a panel discusses Supergirl’s merits (or, according to Cat Grant, her lack thereof). We checked in with SUPERGIRL assistant editor Wil Moss for the lowdown on the story, and not only did he share some info, but he passed along two lovely pages by Mr. Chiang. Take it away, Wil: "We're thrilled to have Helen Slater - Supergirl herself! - contribute a story to this special anniversary issue of SUPERGIRL. She and her co-writer, the wickedly talented Jake Black, have crafted a short story that really encapsulates everything that's good and true about the Girl of Steel. The fact that we were able to get the A-list art team of Cliff Chiang and Dave McCaig to provide the art and colors just seals the deal - this is one story you do not want to let fly by!"supergirl-5045600 SUPERGIRL #50 hits 2/17.