Tyler Kirkham – exclusive to DC and drawing GREEN LANTERN CORPS

Tyler Kirkham – exclusive to DC and drawing GREEN LANTERN...

By DCE Editorial Friday, July 16th, 2010
utbln_cv1 It’s been anything but a slow week here at The Source, and with San Diego just a few, short days away, we’ve got a handful of news items for you to mull over. Here’s one right now. Tyler Kirkham, known for his work at Top Cow and Marvel’s Ultimate Fantastic Four has not only signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics, he’ll also be handling the art duties on GREEN LANTERN CORPS with inker BATT, starting in October. This pairs him with new regular writer Tony Bedard for a space epic we’re sure will continue in the title’s fine tradition. glc53cvr1 And, to give you an idea of what’s in store, we’ve included a handful of lovely Kirkham pieces for you to gaze at – including the cover to October’s GREEN LANTERN CORPS and UNTOLD TALES OF THE BLACK LANTERNS #1. What’s the latter, you ask? We’ll have details on Monday. In the meantime, what does Tyler think of the whole deal? Let’s ask him, shall we? glcor_cv53 “I am absolutely ecstatic to be working at DC and on Green Lantern Corps. It’s great to be involved in the DC universe right now. They are doing such big things. Its also cool to be on a Green Lantern title. Not only are there tons of great characters, but they are all fun to draw, because they are so Diverse. Also with the movie coming out soon it makes things even more exciting. I am having so much fun already and I'm only an issue in. The direction Tony is taking the story fits my art style very well. Also to be working with Batt again is a true pleasure. After all he is the best inker in the biz in my opinion. Plus to have Nei Ruffino coloring my work is amazing. I have worked with her on a couple small things in the past, but have always wanted to work with her on a bigger scale.” cover