THIS JUST HAPPENED: Arrow in the city, Grodd gone wild and more

THIS JUST HAPPENED: Arrow in the city, Grodd gone wild and...

By DCE Editorial Thursday, September 30th, 2010
First, let me get the obvious out of the way: There’s a ton of exciting stuff happening in the DCU. Whether it’s Bruce Wayne returning, BRIGHTEST DAY’s ongoing mysteries and reveals or the edgy adventures of the SECRET SIX, nearly every title has its share of surprises and “Wow” pages and moments. And those pages include some great art. So why not put the spotlight on a few of those moments? That’s the conceit behind “This Just Happened.” Simple, right? So, let’s grab this week’s stack and check out some of the cool moments or shots from the latest week of DCU books. jsa_43_dylux-11-copy Can Jesus Merino draw Alan Scott or what? JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #43, which serves as an epilogue to the JLA/JSA crossover “Dark Things,” features a lot of soul-searching and reflection. Which is to be expected when you’re coming out of a major crossover event featuring two of the DC Universe’s biggest teams. But look at that splash page. Merino has a knack for making every scene dynamic, and this panel’s a perfect example. ac_893_dylux-17-copy A lot of people forget just how deadly Gorilla Grodd can be. Maybe they’re fooled by his frighteningly sharp intellect or by the fact that he’s a giant gorilla, and some people think gorillas are cute. Well, this one isn’t. And he’ll tear your head off in a second if given the chance. Now, show that via the pen of Sean Chen and we’ve got an image none of us want to see come to life. gav2_4_dylux-20-copy J.T. Krul has a knack for Green Arrow. Heck, he’s got a knack for most of the characters he’s writing. This is Ollie in his element, roaming the streets of Star City and pinning down his enemies with a well-timed trick arrow. Artist Diogenes Neves manages to pull off a hat tip to the lies of Mike Grell and Neal Adams while putting his own spin on writer J.T. Krul’s take on the Emerald Archer. 01ww Now, we knew Don Kramer could draw an excellent Wonder Woman, right? How about scary, creepy and straight up ugly monsters? ww02 Yeah, he can do that, too. Cool, huh? Now, lemme turn it to you, Source readers — what were the cool moments you saw this week?