NYCC 2010: A note from KNIGHT & SQUIRE writer Paul Cornell

NYCC 2010: A note from KNIGHT & SQUIRE writer Paul...

By DCE Editorial Saturday, October 9th, 2010
hexo-ad-mock-up-copy Sorry, really, actually, hugely sorry not to be at NYCC. I am promised to a tiny SF convention in Britain. I'm so psyched to be doing Knight and Squire, especially with Jimmy Broxton. I'm amazed that a major US publisher is letting us get away with such deeply British nonsense. I've just given the Knight a deeply American butler, and they let me! Richard III is now a supervillain using social networking, and they let me! And all the whimsy turning into a rather bittersweet love story tragedy... Actually, this is the first they'll have heard about that... cheerio! ks-inks-pg-10-provisional ks-inks-pg-11-provisional