BATGIRL’s ‘The Lesson’ kicks off with new artist Dustin Nguyen

BATGIRL’s ‘The Lesson’ kicks off with new artist Dustin...

By DCE Editorial Friday, November 5th, 2010
As we announced not long ago, hyper-talented artist Dustin Nguyen joins the BATGIRL creative team this month, pairing him with regular writer Bryan Q. Miller. But what’s in store for Dustin’s BATGIRL debut? Well, it’s a new year for Ms. Stephanie Brown, and as her second semester at Gotham U. kicks off, she’s faced with your standard college drama – new classes, friends, oh…and a vigilante stalker. Say what? But if anyone’s prepared to deal with a stalker, it’s Batgirl. But what happens when she also has to face off against the mysterious Order of the Scythe? Check below for a first look at this jumping-on point issue, which hits next week.