Dick Grayson looks into the ‘Black Mirror’ in DETECTIVE COMICS #871

Dick Grayson looks into the ‘Black Mirror’ in DETECTIVE...

By DCE Editorial Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010
Somehow, tools, evidence and weapons relating to some of Batman’s deadliest foes are ending up in the wrong hands – and people are dying because of it. Newly ensconced Batman Dick Grayson must piece together the pieces of the mystery, which point to a deadly new adversary. But will he be able to bring down his new enemy before more die? Writer Scott Snyder, the co-creator of THE NEW YORK TIMES-bestselling AMERICAN VAMPIRE (which just got a very nice writeup in the ASSOCIATED PRESS, featuring an interview with the legendary Stephen King) joins forces with artist and LOSERS co-creator Jock to kick off “Black Mirror,” the creative team’s first arc on DETECTIVE COMICS – and it’s as on target as you can imagine. This issue puts the emphasis on the “detective” part of the book’s title, putting Grayson a few steps behind a new adversary while lives hang in the balance. For more hints, swing by USA TODAY, which featured a first look at the series along with some comments from Snyder. But that’s not all. The issue also features Snyder and artist Francesco Francavilla’s COMMISSIONER GORDON co-feature, which brings a haunting ghost from Gordon’s past screaming into his present. Creepy, chilling and must-read stuff. DETECTIVE COMICS #871 hits tomorrow. [gallery link="file"]