Cliff Chiang talks about drawing Zatanna (and a sneak peek at an epic puppet battle)

Cliff Chiang talks about drawing Zatanna (and a sneak peek...

By DCE Editorial Friday, January 21st, 2011
Next week's ZATANNA #9 is part 2 of Paul Dini's "Pupaphobia" story arc - with art duties covered by the always-terrific Cliff Chiang. Cliff shared a few words with The Source about his experience working with Paul Dini on the Zatanna comic:
"It's easy to fall back on the obvious stuff when you've got a woman in fishnets and thigh-high boots, but Paul writes Zatanna with so much personality and humor. It's been a pleasure and a challenge to bring that character to life. I'm really glad to hear people are enjoying my work on it."
In case you need a sample of that humor that Dini injects into his books, here are four pages of Zatanna fighting a ventriloquist dummy. ZATANNA #9 is on sale next Wednesday.

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