Francesco Francavilla debuts the cover to DETECTIVE COMICS #874

Francesco Francavilla debuts the cover to DETECTIVE COMICS...

By DCE Editorial Thursday, January 27th, 2011
dc875_cover_logo2_low Francesco Francavilla has been doing some amazing work in the Detective Comics co-features, and for issue #874 he’ll be taking over the cover of the book with the incredible piece above. We asked Francesco to give us some insight into his creative process for the cover, so we’ll let him take it away:
With the new 20 page format starting in January, there was no room for the co-feature in Detective #873, so we decided to move part 3 of Skeleton Cases to the following issue, #874. With the move came a bonus for me and for all Detective readers I hope -- more Batman/Dick Grayson adventures! TEC 874 will see the conclusion of Skeleton Cases (with quite an intense sequence between Gordon and his son James Jr.) in the first half of the book, while the second half will be an introduction to the new Batman arc (starting in 876). This Batman tale is a fun and creepy little story and the cover I did for the issue reflects that. You can see here the 2 concepts I provided for the cover. In the end, everyone agreed to go with the 2nd concept with Batman reflected in the spider's eyes (my favorite concept as well). Hope you guys enjoy it and make sure to pick up 874 next month to find out what's really going on here. :) Cheers, Francesco