How does the world's smartest man spend Valentine's Day?

How does the world's smartest man spend Valentine...

By David Hyde Monday, February 14th, 2011
You might have noticed it's Valentine's Day. Maybe you have big plans for tonight or maybe you're avoiding the holiday and wish I hadn't brought it up. The DC Universe is full of interesting couples: Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Aquaman and Mera, Barry Allen and Iris West, the Hawks. Hey, Catman and Huntress have a big date coming up, so we'll see where that leads... But what about the world's smartest man? I e-mailed Paul Cornell to ask him how Lex Luthor might me spending the day. Here's what he had to say:
"Lex Luthor isn’t one for Valentine’s Day treats, but he built Robot Lois Lane to surprise and challenge him, so when she asked to go out and see a Broadway show, he was interested enough to agree. The show was Wicked, which Lex impatiently sat through. At dinner afterwards, he asked her why she’d wept at the spectacle of someone who took so long to realize they were surrounded by fools who would never accept them. If he’d been involved, he’d have conquered gravity rather than defied it. Also he was quite surprised she could weep. Lois told him she enjoyed dramas about betrayal. That she learned from them. That made Lex laugh: now he saw what she meant, that his Lois was so like him, was literally made for him, to seek to understand his own experience! Which made her turn her face away to hide her expression. And as soon as her face was turned, Lex’s own smile vanished. They had a big day coming up, a flight into space to retrieve the black spheres that would lead Lex to ultimate power. So they got an early night."