“We're going to show why he's the greatest mercenary assassin in the DC Universe.” – Kyle Higgins

“We're going to show why he's the greatest...

By David Hyde Thursday, June 23rd, 2011
Fresh off of his stint as co-writer of BATMAN: GATES OF GOTHAM, Kyle Higgins will be taking full reign as the writer of DEATHSTROKE, beginning this September. NEWSARAMA has the exclusive first interview with him about the project. So how would Kyle describe Deathstroke? “He's at a level where, to him, it's all kind of a game. Life, the world, etc., is there to be played. And killing and doing what he does for his legacy or his reputation – that's the absolute most important thing to him. Family dies, friends disappoint, but legacy is forever,” he told NEWSARAMA. Check out NEWSARAMA for the full interview with Kyle as well as an exclusive first sneak peek at some of the interior art for DEATHSTROKE #1.