“If there really was an organization that used Super Villains for Black Ops Operations, how would that really look?” – Adam Glass

“If there really was an organization that used Super...

By David Hyde Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Suicide Squad #1(SUICIDE SQUAD #1 cover by Ryan Benjamin)

Starting this September, FLASHPOINT: LEGION OF DOOM writer Adam Glass will helm SUICIDE SQUAD. Read below as Adam spilled some details about what’s in store for the series: THE SOURCE: What about DC's new 52 titles excites you the most? ADAM GLASS: It's our job as writers to take those familiar ideas and put a fresh spin on them. Recreate the mythos for a new generation. This is our chance to do that. How and why are you shaking up the series' status quo? I grew up reading the SUICIDE SQUAD and have nothing but the utmost respect for all those who came before me. But I feel the world has changed and people want even their fantasy to have more reality to it. Look at James Bond's Casino Royale. It was a new Bond for a new generation. Harder, smarter, less cheese. That's what we're doing with SUICIDE SQUAD. If there really was an organization that used Super Villains for Black Ops Operations, how would that really look? How would they be treated? What new characters will debut in the series? The great thing about the Squad is you have two or three main characters then a merry go round of characters coming in and out of the book. Some are well known like Harley, King Shark, DeadShot and Black Spider. Others haven't been seen for a while, while others are brand new. Will we see new character designs? Yes you will, by the amazing Jim Lee. And art by Marco Rudy, who just keeps blowing me a way with the pages he's been sending us. This guy is a huge rock star. I'm lucky to have caught him on his way up. He's going to become one of comic's biggest artists, no doubt. What's the first line of dialogue in the first issue? A SCREAM!!! What's the biggest surprise you've had working on this character/book? Characters start out as one thing in your mind, but as you write them they take on a life of their own and you start to realize things about them that you never thought possible in the beginning. I had a minor character in the start that now has become not only a major player but pivotal to the arc of the book. What secret has been the hardest to keep? That I was doing this book. So many people kept asking me and I had to keep denying it. What’s the unofficial tagline for this series, in your own words? Kick Ass! What were your thoughts about the day-and-date digital announcement? Awesome. The future is here. Comics will never be the same. When I grew up, the closest you came to this kind of connection to the fans was reading the editorials in the back of comics. Now you can have direct dialogue with the fans. Pretty cool.

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