“Welcome to Cadmus Industries.”

“Welcome to Cadmus Industries.”

By David Hyde Thursday, June 30th, 2011

omac-11(O.M.A.C. #1 cover by Keith Giffen and Scott Koblish)

Last week, you read Dan DiDio’s first interview about his upcoming series, O.M.A.C., with COMIC BOOK RESOURCES. Today, Dan talked to us a little bit more about what he’s personally excited for with this series and and what surprises may be in store come the release of issue #1 in September. THE SOURCE: What about DC's new 52 titles excites you the most? DAN DIDIO: It’s the wild array of characters and types of stories. It’s everything that makes comics great. How and why are you shaking up the series' status quo? From Kirby’s creation to the OMAC Project, there have been so many great ideas and concepts introduced in this series that is was fun to work with and add to this character. What new characters will debut in the series? There are a lot of familiar concepts being introduced like Cadmus and Checkmate. Some not so familiar, like Amazing Man and Dr, Skuba, and some things new like the Bio-gators. Will we see new character designs? This is a Keith Giffen extravaganza! Of course there will be new characters designs. What's the first line of dialogue in the first issue? Welcome to Cadmus Industries..... What's the biggest surprise you've had working on this character/book? Not the biggest surprise, but what I am most excited about is just how incredibly amazing Keith’s art is! What secret has been the hardest to keep? All of them because everyone knows I can’t keep a secret. What’s the unofficial tagline for this series, in your own words? One man’s battle for control of his life and destiny. What were your thoughts about the day-and-date digital announcement? I support any way to get our books in as many fans’ hands as possible.

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