The covers for RETROACTIVE – THE 90’s

The covers for RETROACTIVE – THE 90’s

By David Hyde Tuesday, July 5th, 2011
Over the last two weeks, we’ve shown you the covers to all of the 70’s and 80’s titles in this summer’s RETROACTIVE series. Below, take a look at the cover for all the ‘90s books:

DC RETROACTIVE: SUPERMAN – THE ‘90s cover by Jon Bogdanove & Carrie Strachan.

DC RETROACTIVE: WONDER WOMAN – THE ‘90s cover by Lee Moder, Dan Green, & Wes Hartman.

DC RETROACTIVE: GREEN LANTERN - THE ‘90s cover by Darryl Banks & Randy Mayor.

DC RETROACTIVE: THE FLASH - THE ‘90s cover by Mike Bowden & Carrie Strachan.

DC RETROACTIVE: JUSTICE LEAGUE - THE ‘90s cover by Kevin Maguire & Rosemary Cheetham.

DC RETROACTIVE: BATMAN - THE ‘90s cover by Norm Breyfogle & Carlos Badilla.