FLASHPOINT FRIDAY: “Bullets are not our primary weapons. Only a distraction.”

FLASHPOINT FRIDAY: “Bullets are not our primary weapons....

By David Hyde Friday, July 8th, 2011
As Frankenstein and his creature commandoes embark on their journey to find the cure for their afflictions, they’ll find themselves seeking Nina’s father’s old lab in Gotham. Unfortunately for them, however, a tracking device placed in their system in 1945 leads monster hunter Miranda Shrieve directly to their whereabouts. As Miranda reveals the origins of her vendetta, the creatures receive a surprise visit and assistance from a mysterious ally. But will that be enough for the entire crew to survive the attack by Miranda and her army? FLASHPOINT: FRANKENSTEIN AND THE CREATURES OF THE UNKNOWN #2 is written by Jeff Lemire and features art by Ibraim Roberson, Alex Massacci, and Pete Pantazis.