Counting down to DC Comics-The New 52: A note from John Cunningham

Counting down to DC Comics-The New 52: A note from John...

By DCE Editorial Monday, August 29th, 2011
So I’m sitting here in my office when in strolls David Hyde, our V.P. of Publicity. “Hey JC, I really need your New 52 blog post.” “Sure, David, no problem. When is it due?” “Um…today.” “I thought I had until Monday?” “Um, John…it IS Monday…” Which brings me to The First Point To Make About Comic Book Publishing As It Relates to The New 52: 1. Time Is Merely A Concept. Here in DCE Marketing, time is a fluid and dizzying concept---any given question can address books that came out a year ago, books that came out last week, books that will come out this week, or books that will come out in 2012. That is what makes today so special. We may not know what day it is---OK, I may not know what day it is---but we are all fully aware of what August 31th means. It marks the day that we—and by that I mean ALL of us---creators, DC staff, retailers and fans---make history. Which brings me to The Second Point To Make About Comic Book Publishing As It Relates To The New 52: 2. It Takes A Village (Of Crazy People) If you are a Jim Lee fan or a Geoff Johns fan or a Justice League fan, that’s why you buy the book. And as John Rood said earlier today (see, I read THE SOURCE!), our job is to remove barriers, and if we are doing that job correctly, not only will you get the comic, but you won’t even know that we were there. So on this day only, on the cusp of launching a new series, I ask you to think about the (literally) hundreds of people who touched JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 in one way or another to get it into your hands. It starts (and ends) with Jim and Geoff, but along the way there are inkers, colorists, letterers, editors, production folks, printing folks, internal DC departments, distribution staff, retailers, media people---literally hundreds of people--- who touch that single comic book in some significant way when it launches. That is crazy, really. And that’s what we all are doing with an ENTIRE LINE OF 52 BOOKS. And you know what? It’s really the coolest thing I’ve been involved with in my career, and the most awe-inspiring. Every one of those folks has worked with a frenzy and a focus and a sense of coordination rarely seen in this business. And now it’s (again) almost time. Can’t wait for you all to see these great books! John Cunningham Vice President of Marketing