By DCE Editorial Thursday, December 8th, 2011

(Rags Morales' cover to ACTION COMICS #7)

In ACTION COMICS, Superman’s adventures are set five years in the past – but his story is nonetheless making plenty waves in the present. POPMATTERS posted part two of their exclusive interview with writer Grant Morrison, who outlined his perspective on the supposed City of Tomorrow, and also offered a bit of insight into how the Superman of ACTION COMICS fits into the character’s larger mythology. “I see it as a quite organic story of Superman,” Morrison said. “The things that seem like this is the past of Superman, but as I’m writing it, it’s really the present of Superman in the five dimensional matrix of the story. I see a larger overall picture of the entire man, as he lives, and as he does the things he does, so I think that’s what gives it the immediacy.” To revisit part one of the extensive interview, click here. Offering another perspective on the big picture, COMICVINE ran a look at some of the significant changes that have been made to the Superman mythology within the pages of ACTION COMICS – from wardrobe to continuity to supporting cast. If you’re not caught up with ACTION COMICS #4, be warned: Spoilers abound!

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