DCE Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns' Holiday Gift Guide

DCE Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns' Holiday Gift...

By DCE Editorial Friday, December 23rd, 2011
I love to cook and there's some great cookbooks out there for other people that do. Some of my favorite recent ones are THE MOZZA COOKBOOK which comes from a fantastic italian restaurant and pizzeria in Los Angeles, co-owned by Mario Batali. The MOMOFUKU MILK BAR cookbook focuses on unbelievably unique dessert recipes from chef Christina Tosi, who is a cook after my own heart. Included in this book are recipes for cereal milk ice cream, this stuff called crumb and crack pie. A truly fun cookbook. Finally, there's a book called THE NEW GREEK CUISINE that comes from a Greek restaurant called Molyvos that is just around the corner from the DC offices in New York City. Peter Tomasi and I plotted a lot of Green Lantern stories there. There's a baklava recipe that (almost) rivals my grandmother's. Happy Holidays!

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